Collection: Video Game Protectors

Do you love your retro video games? Do you have a precious collection of NES, Super Nintendo, N64, and Game Boy games that you treasure? If you do, then you need to protect your retro games with PET plastic protectors

Your retro video games are valuable, not just financially, but emotionally. They represent hours of entertainment and childhood memories. You spent a lot of money building up your collection, and you want to protect your investment. 

Unfortunately, retro video games are notoriously fragile. The cartridges and discs are delicate, and they can be easily damaged by dust, scratches, moisture, and more. Even if you're careful with your games, accidents happen. One wrong move can ruin a game forever. 

That's where our plastic sleeve video game protectors come in. They're made of durable, archival-grade PET acid-free plastic. They're available for NES, Game Boy, Super Nintendo, N64, DS, 3DS, Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch video games. And they're easy to use. Just slip your games into the sleeves and you're good to go. 

Our plastic box sleeves are shipped flat and are easily assembled. Each plastic sleeve comes with a protective plastic film to protect it during shipping. Just remove the protective film before storing your games. They're great for storing and displaying your video game collection. 

We're so confident in our product that we offer a satisfaction guarantee. If you're not happy with your order, simply contact us for a refund or replacement. 

Don't let your retro video games get ruined. Protect them with Old School Mojo video game protectors.